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holypizzawine's Journal

The Holy Order of Pizza and Wine
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Community for those initiated into, or are disciples of, the Sacred Order of Pizza and Wine as founded by spangle_kitten and alexmatt one rainy night in Soho. (It may not have been raining but it sounds better ;)

Our aim: to uphold Freddy's work on Earth by drinking often to his memory and consuming pizza as holy communion.

The Holy Temple is located at a Pizza Hut near Marble Arch, the one with lots of Kandinsky's.


1) Queen is NOT music, it is the message of God sent throught the four prophets and realised in the voice of Saint Freddy. Whose memory we shall respect by playing Bohemian Rapsody in full blare several times per year, and sing it drunkly at night buses all around Europe

2)Thou shalt not refuse Wine, or waste ANY type of alcooholic drink, ever !!, punishable by public flogging....

3)Pizza is the holy representation of the cirle of exhistance, so it shall be consume in outrageous amounts and utterly respected....

4)What else you feel like doing, just bloody do it !!!

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